Pixar Studios, Phase I

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Additional Notes

Steve Jobs' Vision

"According to Jobs' recent biography, the headquarters was to be a place that "promoted encounters and unplanned collaborations." ... Jobs also strived for a campus that stood the test of time. Tom Carlisle, Pixar's facilities director adds that, "He didn't want a standard office-park building—one with corrugated-metal siding or ribbon windows. The building had to look good 100 years from now. That was his main criterion."1

19to5Mac Apple Intelligence, "Pixar names its main building after Steve Jobs" by Jordan Kahn, Nov. 6, 2012.

This project won a BAC Award for Best Regional Brick Project from the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Crafters.

"Pixar Animation's new Emeryville Studio uses 4 inch thick modular face brick laid in running bond with every sixth course configured as a header course. A wide, yet appropriate, range of material color results in a solid, appealing building complete with a dentiled/corbelled parapet and periodic brick rosettes. Expansive arches are supported by structural steel tube and shaped angle irons. Base isolators and a Hohmann and Barnard anchoring system mounted to steel studs provide added earthquake protection for the studio's face brick and precious content."