E & S Masonry Projects

E & S Masonry has worked with many excellent General Contractors on more than 2100 commercial masonry projects in its 55 year history. The following is a small sample...

2012 Sacred Heart Schools Herrero Contractors, Inc. 1044 Concrete Masonry Units,
4528 Full Bricks, & Precast Sills
2012 Sutter Medical Center Castro Valley DRP Construction 21,000 Concrete Masonry Units
2011 Pixar Animated Studios Phase 2 Hathaway Dinwiddle 520,000 Bricks - 5 colors and 2 shapes - and Fireplaces
2011 Mills Peninsula Hospital Turner Construction 12,544 Soundblock Concrete Masonry Units,
& Mesabil Black Granite
2009 San Jose International Airport -
ConRac & QTA Parking Garage
Hensel Phelps Contruction 18,000 Concrete Masonry Units
2009 VM Ware Commons Bldg,
Palo Alto
DPR Construction 12,760 Concrete Masonry Units, 1525 sq ft of Bluestone Paving, & 334 sq ft of Precast Caps
2009 Mills College GSB Oakland DPR Construction 322 2-ft x 4-ft pieces of Vetter Quartzite Stone Veneer
2009 China Basin Courtyard European Paving Designs 28,396 Narrow Modular Pavers
2008 Hall Winery Phase II, St. Helena Hathaway Dinwiddle Concrete Masonry Units with Anamosa Stone Veneer
2007 De La Salle High School Student Center, Concord Cahill Contractors 41,120 Red Jumbo 4 inch x 12 inch Brick Veneer
2006 San Jose Market Center San Jose Construction 93,000 Concrete Masonry Units on 5 Separate Buildings
2006 San Francisco Juvenile Hall Replacement Project S.J. Amoroso Construction 140,000 Smooth & Splitface Concrete Masonry Units consisting of 4 different colors.
2005 Alameda Juvenile Justice Center Hensel Phelps Construction 45,340 Concrete Masonry Units
2005 Alameda Free Library S.J. Amoroso Construction 90,260 Modular Brick 2.5 inch x 7.5 inch Units
2004 San Bruno Jail #3 AMEC 12,320 Concrete Masonry Units - Shot Blast Finished & Glazed Units
2003 Diablo View Middle School, Clayton Sierra Bay 27,542 Colored Concrete Masonry Units with split face wainscot and split face accent bands
2003 Genentech FRC2 South San Francisco Hathaway Dinwiddle 70,000 Concrete Masonry Units
2003 Big Rock Ranch, Nicasio Rudolph & Sletten 22,000 Sqft of Stone Veneer on Exterior, Brick Veneer, Glass Block & 31 Masonry Fireplaces
2001 235 Second Street Project
San Francisco
Swinerton & Walberg 114,409 Multi-colored blended bricks selected by owner for building exterior.
2001 Level 3 Communications DPR Construction 20,400 Concrete Unit Masonry, 13,034 Pavers & Glass Blocks
2001 Pixar Animated Studios, Phase I DPR Construction 750,000 Bricks - A blend of 7 colors designed
by Steve Jobs. National Award for Brick & Design.
2000 San Leandro Public Library Turner Construction 220,000 Anchored Masonry Veneer Bricks
with Stone Veneer Accents
1999 Dominican College Recreation Center,
San Rafael
Cahill Contractors 28,000 Concrete Masonry Units in 18 Pilasters with 8 #9 rebar in 24' high columns with 8" block wall in between.
1999 Susan B. Anthony Elementary School Trucker Lee Contracting Co./West Coast Contractors, A Joint Venture 45,000 Grey Precision Blocks with Red Splitface Units and a Precast bands
1998 Chiron Life Science Center, Emeryville Rudolph & Sletten 61,380 Concrete Masonry Pavers, Quarry S/E Stone & Granite Pavers & Water Feature
1997 Sears Store, Stoneridge Mall CW Driver 200,000 Anchored Brick Veneer
1992 Maguire Correctional Facility Sumitomo Construction America 115,000 CMU to form 360 interior cells plus service area in center in a 6 story building.
1991 St. Francis Medical Building Cahill Contractors 275,000 Brick Veneer Units on Building Exterior - State Award
1991 Pleasanton Middle School Lathrop Construction 110,000 Split Face CMU for structural walls
1990 Nordstrom, Stoneridge Mall Robert E. Bayley Construction Anchored Brick Veneer using light colored brick with a darker brick to emphasize the special architectural geometry of the arches and base, Concrete Masonry Units and Precast Concrete.
1988 Dublin Civic Center Dickman-Nourse, Inc. Concrete Masonry Units, Arizona Flagstone & Eastern US Limestone
1986 Skywalker Ranch Technical Bldg, Nicasio
Lucas Productions
Rudolph & Sletten 360,000 Used Bricks on 2/3rds of Bldg Exterior & sandblasted to look old plus 1500 Tons of Stone on 1/3rd of Bldg Exterior
1985 Nordstom - Hillsdale Mall Robert E Bayley Construction 272,000 - 3-1/2 inch wide Bricks on Exterior w/5 inch Steel & Grout in Center & 3 inch Solid CMU to make grouted structural walls
1980 Alameda Police Department W. E. Lyons Construction Co. 65,000 Brick Veneer on 8 inch Block Walls
1973 Merritt Hospital, Oakland
(Now Alta Bates Summitt Medical Center)
Dinwiddle 240,000 2 inch thick Norman Brick Veneer used to reduce weight
1972 Chico State Library Stolte 325,000 Bricks in a Modified Flemish Bond Pattern
State Award
1969 Laney College, Oakland R E McKay 1.2 million Bricks in 13-1/2 inch Cavity Grouted Structural Walls